Parents and Students

We’re excited for a new dance season. The following information is established so that you can know what will be expected through out the year. We have established class etiquette and dress code as well as studio closings for your review.

We have established a reminder system for tuition payments on your text messages as well as a pay pal option. When paying tuition at the studio, please remember that using a debt or credit card incurs an additional processing fee of 3%. If you miss your tuition payment by the first week of classes a late fee of $5 will be added to your tuition payment.

Harvest week is approaching and as always, we like to offer our “Bring a Friend Program”. The week of October 23rd through October 27th we encourage costumes, smiles and fun! This is an opportunity for you to bring a friend who could join our Expression’s family. You will receive a referral bonus if your friend enrolls. Teachers will supply treats and students may bring treats for each of their classmates if they’d like. Please let your teacher know if there is a food allergy we should be aware of.

Dress Code and Class Etiquette

All students will need the proper shoes/clothing for each class:

Ballet Level 1: May wear pink/white or black leotard with pink or white tights and basic pink ballet shoes. Ballet skirts may be worn if approved by the instructor. Hair pulled back into pony tail or bun.

Ballet Level 2: May wear black or dark color leotard. Shorts may be worn once a month if need be. (NO LOOSE SHORTS) Pink tights with a ballet technique (no paws). Your hair should be in a bun if possible.

Ballet Level 3: Same as level 2 with the exception you may wear black tights. No skin will show on your tummies. Hair in a bun.

Tap: Level 1: Basic tap shoe (tan) 2 and 3 levels requires tap shoes at teachers discretion/color.

Jazz: Bloch (slip on) Tan

Lyrical: Pirouettes or Paws

Modern: No special shoes, however dance attire required.

Hip Hop: Tennis shoe usually high top/ not a street shoe/loose clothing (no jeans).

Character: Heels and or pedini’s or straight jazz shoe.

All dance apparel must be tight for body alignment. Color (your choice), bra tops and dance shorts are acceptable. Any questions please speak with your teacher. Hair needs to be pulled back out of face and not distracting. No jewelry ( post earrings are acceptable). NO GUM.

Classroom etiquette will be discussed by the instructor during class time.

Please call if you will be missing class… If you are more than 10 minutes late to a class, your teacher may request that you not join class. BE EARLY… Do not come to class unprepared…Be respectful at all times!!