Summer Schedule

Summer Class 2018 Schedule

8:00Contemporary and Lyrical Level II

5:30 Ballet Level III 5:30 Introduction to Dance (6-8)
6:00 Tutu’s and Tuxedo’s (2-3) 5:30 Tap Level II and III
6:30 Variety (3-5) 6:15 Ballet Level II and III
6:45 Pointe ** 6:15 Variety (4-6)
6:15 Tap & Jazz Combination Level I (6-9) 7:15 Jazz Level II and III
7:15 Contemporary & Lyrical Level III 7:00 Introduction to Dance (9-12)
8:00 Street Dance
5:30 Basic Hip Hop (under 10) 5:45 Variety (5-6)
5:30 Flexibility and Dance (Adult) 6:00 Hip Hop
6:15 Tap Level II (6-9) 6:45 Musical Theater Level II
6:15 Ballet Level I (10-Teen) 6:45 Ballet Level I (6-9)
6:45 Jazz Level II (6-9) 7:30 Contemporary Level I
7:00 Tap & Jazz Combination Level I (10-Teen) 7:30 Tap and Jazz Combination (6-9)
7:15 Ballet Level II (6-9) 8:15 Ballet Level II
8:00 Strength and Extensions/Tricks and Turns 8:30 Introduction to Dance (11-14)
8:00 Musical Theater Level I

Saturday Rotation Schedule

July 14th          Princes Camp              10:00 till 12:00           ages (2-4)

July 14th          Princess Camp            1:00 till 3:00               ages (5-7)

July 28th          Summer Fun               10:00 till 12:00            ages (2-4)

July 28th          Summer Fun               1:00 till 3:00               ages (5-7)

August 18th     Super Hero Camp       10:00 till 12:00           ages (2-4)

August 18th      Super Hero Camp       1:00 till 3:00               ages (5-7)


Excepting Enrollment for Summer NOW

Summer Camps are $20 for the two hour class structure. These camps will include all art and craft supplies and a snack ½ through the class.

No registration for Summer Participation

Summer classes are in an 8 week session and can be paid for all at once with a discounted program of can be paid on a month to month tuition at the same rate as fall tuition.

Summer Session is July 9th through August 31st

A $20 non refundable deposit will hold your place in a class, to be used toward your balance upon paying your tuition

Classes will be closed once a class maximum has been reached. A minimum number of students must be in the class to run during summer session, your student maybe asked to move if this requirement isn’t met.

There is no dress code or tight requirement during the summer session. However, hair will be required to be pulled out of the face and a leotard or dance apparel must be worn into class.  Proper shoes for each of the technique classes will be required.

Cost of the Summer Program

45 minute class; $50 for 4 weeks

60 minute class: $65 for 4 weeks

Any combination of three classes will receive a fourth class at no additional cost. Every class after that will be assessed at $38 a month.  You can combine family members to receive this discount as long as they live in the same household.

All Inclusive Individual Plan: $260 for 8 weeks (paid prior to summer session starting)

All Inclusive Family Plan: $360 for 8 weeks (paid prior to summer session starting)

The all inclusive program is where you can take as many classes as you qualify for at a single price point.  This can only be offered with the pre paid policy.  This program is already highly discounted, so it actually has you paying for 2 one hour classes a month and everything else is just included.

Look for new and exciting classes for Fall 2018-19 Session.



Fundamentals of Turns

Adult Ballet and Tap

Let us know what classes you’d like to see in EID’s curriculum.  Expressions in Dance is still supporting the Raytown Community for over 27 years.